Photography by  Enrico Brunetti

Photography by Enrico Brunetti

Transatlantic collaboration between Montreal's Zoë Kiefl and Venice's Nicola Donà. Full band includes Andre Dennis, Tomas Cabezon, Andrea Mancin, Olivia Phillip + Gary Olson.
"Few band names are more accurate than NYC's Dizzyride. The band's unique combination of pop, psychedelia and soul music takes listeners on a wild ride that is bound to disorient in the best way possible."
Dizzyride currently resides in New York City.



"The perfect blend of retro pulp and ’60s crime film" - Culture Collide
"Psychedelic, soulful, and super weird" - Office Magazine
"Their sound transforms minimalism, psychedelia, disco and soul music" - CLRVYNT

"Dizzyride are rising to bring music that is un-afraid of being strange and transcendent, especially when trying to redefine how we approach soul. While most see the Soul genre as spiritual, they are upping that definition into sonically metaphysical." 
"Quixotic soul drips within every one of Dizzyride’s chords, transporting listeners to a sonically innovative, astral plane"



(NORTH AMERICA/WORLD) - booking@oddwop.com
(EUROPE/UK) - cecca@bpmconcerti.com
THE BAND - dizzyrideus@gmail.com