*** D I Z Z Y R I D E *** Photography by Tristan Taylor


Transatlantic collaboration between Montreal's Zoë Kiefl and Venice's Nicola Donà (aka Horrible Present).

They met in New York a few years back as solo acts, joined forces and started recording music as Dizzyride in 2014.

Since then they've released a few EPs followed by their first LP 'Dizzyride', which came out in January 2017 and brought them to headline a tour all across the US and Europe.

Dizzyride's first single "Young You" filmed by Angus Borsos and exclusively premiered by NOWNESS won the award for Best Canadian Music Video 2017 at The Canadian International Fashion Film Festival.

Their music style is a combo of different cultures and inputs that funds its roots in soul music.

"Quixotic soul drips within every one of Dizzyride’s chords, transporting listeners to a sonically innovative, astral plane"

"Few band names are more accurate than NYC's Dizzyride. The band's unique combination of pop, psychedelia and soul music takes listeners on a wild ride that is bound to disorient in the best way possible."

"Zoë from Montreal and Nicola from Venice bring together their shared musical interests that connect from across the Atlantic and blend internationally inspired influences to fuse together newfound fascinations."

"Working together, the pair have created a semi-sweet nostalgic sound."

"NYC's Dizzyride transforms psychedelia, disco and soul music."

Dizzyride is set to release new music recorded on the road and will perform it at Mercury Lounge with the full band for the first time ever! Get your ticket to dizzyride!

Dizzyride's available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and all major digital distributors.

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