LOKOMOKO * Hamburg, DE

LOKOMOKO * Hamburg, DE


They met each other at the harbor near the art school they all attend. Karlotta was reading her French crime novel. Mario was blasting Japanese pop music in his headphones. Tom was telling Kasia how much he likes the look of bowling alleys. Meanwhile she was absorbed by the secrets of natural walking.

We got completely hooked with these crazy talented cats after we saw one of Lokomoko's first shows ever at an art space down in Hamburg, Germany. Talking Heads-y eclecticism. Ethereal omnipresence. Reminiscent of Parenthetical Girls guided by a Tom Verlainesque unsteady timber that Mario might not even know he owns. Picture them at CBGB's if 1977 was next year. You'll be losing your shit.

At ODDWOP we totally did and decided to release their debut album Harold Weir

Available on all streaming platforms.

Here's a sneak peek of side A's "More Love". Video below.

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