OW08 - DIZZYRIDE Little Italy

  ODDWOP-08 ///  DIZZYRIDE    Little Italy

ODDWOP-08 /// DIZZYRIDE Little Italy

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Songs by Zoë Kiefl & Nicola Donà

Recorded at Pom Pom Studio in Rome, Italy
Additional recordings: Diego Magnani, Luca Di Cataldo, Edoardo Castroni
Producing: Luca Di Cataldo, Edoardo Castroni & Dizzyride
Mixing: Richard Formby, Andre Dennis & Dizzyride
Mastering: Andrea Suriani

Photography: Enrico Brunetti


Little Italy was written in America and recorded in Rome by Luca Di Cataldo and Edoardo Castroni of Weird Bloom near Monte Dei Cocci, an area that was a literal dump back in the day and has now become a fascinating hill made of old broken vases called amphoras that were disposed of there.

Rome. Summer of 1981. A young couple meets a group of friends. Chatting between a cigarette and a glass of wine, hoping for the best of the future to come.

The air is hot. The breeze is soft. A car full of nuns is driving up the Gianicolo hill.

The night owls who stayed up relocated to a terrace in Villa Pamphili.

More cigarettes, more drinking, more food. From the window you can hear a man singing old Neapolitan music under the shower. A lot of laughing.

Now picture a jazzy soundscape, hints of dolce bossanova, the sun going down brings out synthesizers from the Italian b-movie era and Italo-disco. It’s late at night. There’s a flight to catch the next day.

That trip felt too short.

Back to America. Back to the future. Sami around the corner develops photographs of those months spent in Italy. New York and New Jersey’s Italian-American surroundings, softened by Montrealesque strokes of Cohen’s spoken word bind themselves to the printed memories of summer.

Mixed by Spacemen 3’s mate Sir. Richard Formby in Leeds, UK.

Post-mixed with the help of Jamaican producer Andre Dennis back in Flatbush where the-once-duo-now-full-band Dizzyride currently resides.

To follow… Be ready for a gust of V-sides.