ODDWOP-10 /// LOKOMOKO  The Everything Ever Ever

ODDWOP-10 /// LOKOMOKO The Everything Ever Ever

Upcoming band Lokomoko releases the second EP ‘Everything Ever Ever’, after the first recorded chapter ‘Harold Weir’. Started as a side project of lead singer Mario, the five-piece band from Hamburg thrives on DIY. They write and record their songs in their own studio, create the artwork and direct videos in a completely independent way.

Everything Ever Ever’ encompasses all of this and goes beyond. Its sound is ever-shifting, it plays with different genres and hidden influences, resulting in an empirical guitar pop coated with synths. All spiced up by a hint of that John Lennon vibe. As for the lyrics, they are as spontaneous as Lokomoko’s members. The three-track EP is a ticket to the ethereal world of Lokomoko, where not necessarily everything makes sense, but it just feels right.