Weird Bloom, the project led by Rome’s Luca Di Cataldo, has been appearing on a number of radars in the early months of 2018. Their second album, Blisstonia, came out on We Were Never Being Boring in January, leading to a buzzy set at SXSW, which in turn was picked up by NPR’s respected All Songs Considered team as a festival highlight.

Di Cataldo has also been collaborating with Don Bolles, the producer acclaimed for his work with Ariel Pink and Germs, so we can certainly expect to be hearing more from this eccentric, 60s-fixated alternative popsmith.



Rome, Italy’s Weird Bloom (previously Weird Black) release the new album odyssey of otherworldly audio adventures with Blisstonia. Luca di Cataldo’s band introduce the follow-up to their debut Hy Brazil describing the realization of the album as one big effort. “Our first album [Hy Brazil] was recorded in 10 days as a lo-fi and lo-budget experiment,” Luca described, “This time was different, we started to walk on a different path – I’m still on that path – made of chords and pop structures [that are] very hard to manage.”
“I had this idea of filling songs with melodies and parts taken from fairy tales and goofy cartoon TV themes and also wanted a modern result and coherence with the first album. […] The strong thread of our songs is always the same but a new language was necessary on the instrumental side."



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